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Which fragrant herb is called Dew of the Sea?

Rosemary is native to the dry, rocky areas of the Mediterranean and receives its name from the Latin words “ros” (dew)...

An orange with blood red colored fruit segments?

The Blood Orange is an intriguing variety of Sweet Orange, and it shares the same botanical name, Citrus sinensis....

If you hear “Liquid sunshine” what oil comes to your mind? Of course, it’s Lemon Oil!

This essential oil has earned this nickname due to its yellow color, refreshing and purifying scent, and for the burst...

Did you know that Juniper berries are responsible for giving gin its distinctive flavor?

The two most significant aroma compounds found in juniper are α-pinene and limonene, and as their names suggest, are...

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Our Essential Oils are mainly used in the flavors and fragrance compositions, but other and new markets include aromatherapy, oral care, cosmetics, animal feed and pharmaceuticals.

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