A Collection of Unique “True-To-Name” Botanicals

Introducing our signature Botanical Extracts tailored for sensory innovations with purity and sustainability at its core. Our extracts are derived using state-of-the-art Liquid CO2 extraction technology, which not only preserves the delicate aromatic molecules but also ensure the highest quality and potency in each formulation.

Our liquid CO2 extracts offer an unparalleled purity that is essential for creating exquisite and long-lasting fragrance formulas. This method allows for the extraction of natural scents by using only clean label solvents, making it environmentally friendly and perfectly suited for perfumery projects that require clean, robust, and true-to-nature olfactory experience.


The CO2 extraction process not only enhances the fragrance performance but also maintain the integrity of the botanical properties, resulting in a more vibrant, authentic and potent scent profile. This is achieved using low pressure and temperature which preserves more volatiles due to the low thermal impact giving a full authentic olfactory profile of the true botanical.

Embrace the future of fragrance creation with our botanical extracts bringing to your innovations all the goodness and purity of nature – in each drop, every time!

Unlocking Sensory Innovation

Discover our botanical extracts!