Did you know that cardamom has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for over 3000 years? Keep reading if you want to know more about all its benefits

Native to tropical Asia, extensively cultivated in India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. Cardamon plant it’s a perennial, reed-like herb up to 4 metres high, with long silky bladeshaped leaves and small yellowish flowers with purple tips. Its oil, a colourless to pale yellow liquid extracted by steam from the dried ripe fruit, blends well with rose, olibanum, orange, bergamot, cinammon, cloves, caraway, ylang ylang, labdanum, cedarwood, neroli and oriental bases in general.
Its essential oil is mainly extracted by cold expression from the outer peel.

Some interesting facts:

–       It has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for over 3000 years, especially for pulmonary disease, fever, digestive and urinary complaints.

–       Hippocrates recommended it for sciatica, coughs, abdominal pains, nervous disorders and also for bites of venomous creatures.

red mandarin essential oil

Industry applications:

💆🏻 Extensively used as a fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes especially oriental types.

🍹 Important flavor ingredient, particularly in curry and spice products.

🏠 Employed in some carminative, stomachich and laxative preparations, also used to flavour pharmaceuticals.

🔮 An ally of the digestive and nervous system that helps against anorexia, colics, flatulence, alitosis, indigestion and vomiting, besides helping against mental fatigue and nervous strain.

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