Which tree has to be over 30 years old before its wood is ready for oil production?

If you are thinking about the sandalwood tree, you are correct! 

🕣 Age is just a number: 30 years take a lot of patience, but the best, most aromatic Sandalwood Oil comes from the oldest trees in India.

🌳 History through the centuries: This oil is one of the oldest known cosmetic and medicinal material – it has at least 4.000 years of history of uninterrupted use.

⚠️ Trendy and protected: In the past, Sandalwood was used to build temples and make furniture, but today the tree is almost extinct and it is mainly used for oil distillation.

👩🏻‍🔬 Industry applications:
– In fragrance it is used as a base note in many iconic perfumes due to its deep woody sweet scent.
– In aromatherapy, inhaling the aroma of Sandalwood Oil is thought to transmit messages to parts of the brain involved in controlling emotions.