Did you know that the name of the Neroli Essential Oil comes from a princess in the 17th century?

Anne Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola (Italy), discovered an essence from the flowers of the bitter orange tree that had the most distinct and incredible scent. She produced a fragrance and used it to perfume her gloves and baths. What she could not have imagined is that Neroli Oil became the most fashionable perfume of the 18th century!

Here you have more interesting facts:

🌍 Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt are the leading producers

🌸 It’s extracted by steam distillation from the freshly picked flowers, between March and April

👃🏼 The odor is very powerful, light and refreshing; Floral with a peculiar sweet-terpeney topnote

✔️ Blends excellently with all the citrus oils, with numerous floral absolutes and countless synthetic materials

👩🏻‍🔬 Industry applications:
– In perfumery is one of the most widely used floral oils
– It has a limited use in flavors but can produce interesting effects in candy, liqueurs and soft drinks
– Cosmetically it has stimulating, deodorizing, invigorating and activating properties

Can you smell its spring scent?